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from rhodes to. brooklyn. it's nine pm here in moscow tonight leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in some papers with syria and the u.s. strike plans eclipsing global financial concerns are to bring you extensive coverage of this ongoing major something. russia publishes a damning report showing syrian rebels were behind the chemical attack last march with evidence that the weapons used near aleppo were not from the government stock . u.k. record labels are said to break the pirate code as they look to revive the railing industry by crushing free downloading user by.
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its cover no one here in moscow tonight leaders of the world's top twenty economies have gathered in st petersburg for the g. twenty summit to tackle some of today's biggest challenges. now that it's a busy team we've got going for you tonight up to. twenty students in pittsburgh with the latest updates on what's going on in the summit but a good start rory isn't it. it certainly has been a good start kevin thanks very much for that we have got a huge r t team here for the two thousand and thirteen g twenty summit here in the venice of the north of course russia's northern capital that of some petersburg and rory sushi thank you very much for joining us today day one of the g. twenty many issues being discussed today although there are some meeting still ongoing it's not just about just after nine pm here in some petersburg most of the
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members of the g. twenty though being shuttled shuttled off i should say to the champagne and caviar dinners that being said a productive day for day one of the g. twenty of course the g. twenty an economic summit and of course the economic issues in the forefront of anything hits a day the idea of stabilizing the global economy the idea of stabilizing and stimulating developing economies as well and i just a bit earlier in the program i spoke to our tease and he said now and she gave me the latest on the brics countries members all the brazil russia india china south africa they came to the g twenty for a meeting on the sidelines to voice concerns over market volatility. they did meet today the brics on this first day of the g. twenty summit in st petersburg and we've heard in a briefing from the host has emerged through to the spokes person to meet with his go just a little more about what they actually talked about behind closed doors of course their main focus on how to protect their emerging economies from any fallout from
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the richer countries then still suffering from the actions taken by the federal reserve in their quantitative easing but also over the brics many other issues are making their way into the agenda at this time to meet your disc of pointing out first off that president obama and vladimir putin. of course a lot of speculation about their bilateral relations bilateral meeting which we're getting at this point is almost certainly not going to happen but still hasn't been confirmed completely one hundred percent so we'll see but he did point out that bruton and obama do have a very constructive relationship although of course they do have many differences at the brics meeting the brics leaders talk not only about syria and their position which is that the only legitimate body that can approve any kind of action would be the u.n. security council that countries can go ahead unilaterally and do what they like but it will be illegitimate and it will be illegal and breaking international laws facts should not be manipulated to justify an attack which sort of the sentiment
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that was expressed by all of the brics china standing behind russia on its position that military intervention is not the way to go when it comes to this crisis in the brics countries also talked about some of the revelations that we've heard from whistleblower edward snowden of course another sore spot in q.s. russian relations the bric leaders basically. calling the electronic snooping the u.s. spying on them basically comparing it to terrorism nations not happy about that certainly about and syria is putting a damper on this summit but they do see it as a violation of their sovereignty really these brics countries numbers eleven in fact mention that they expect some kind of apology from the united states so a lot of the issues pushing finances i think it's fair to say out of the way a little bit at this summit as you were saying you bring up the subject of syria any movement today i know we're supposed to be talking g.
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twenty economic summit anything more on syria and. it's really beginning to look like the u.s. might have to go it alone yes they virtually have had support from france so far we'll know more after president obama sits down with french president francois hollande on what exact. the french support could mean whether or not it's just verbal but basically the european union. has come out and said we don't think military intervention is the way to go herman van rompuy saying that he believes it in fact is is not the way to go very straightforward. the president of the e.u. commission saying that political solution is the only way it only high hopes for this summit saying it's the last platform in which a possible political solution could be found on the syria crisis and germany also say they don't believe military intervention is the way to go but they're ready to put forward support to find a political solutions with looking like president obama hasn't come to the right
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place that he was hoping the g twenty would bring them more support. you know it's very interesting i was. talking about how basically as a washington continues to rally war cries for some sort of military intervention in syria the vast majority about ninety plus percent of the european union are saying no they are ultimately desponding themselves from america when it comes to some sort of possible military strike in syria now all along the way this has been going on for absolutely months if not the past two years actually regarding the crisis in syria russia and china have all the way along said the only way to a solution is through diplomacy not through any type of military interaction and a king john from the chinese foreign ministry delegation here at the g. twenty he actually said to us earlier in the day that absolutely no action can be taken on syria that is without of course a mandate from the united nations. china or is against the use of chemical weapons by any countries and you know by visions or.
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individuals and they give you what is reported we believe that it is vitally important for the united nations. investigation. movement has to be based. on the constitution called the united nations china and russia both appealing for countries consarn to be serious about the possible consequences. the use of a military means. resolved the mandate of the un security council. now syria is just one of the issues is turning into a bit of a longer heads between moscow and washington d.c. though the recent months of actually seen a roller coaster develop the highs and lows in the relationship between moscow and
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washington with it whether it regarding the edward snowden whistleblower who was granted a temporary asylum here in washington or syria or other issues indeed other two powers have certainly been split of a value of the former n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden just a bit earlier in the program here on c i spoke to chris a democratic strategist at the end of the day he says regardless of syria regardless of n.s.a. in his surveillance program and regardless of edward snowden the g twenty in effect right now will truly help to heal relations between america and russia. he saw the president and mr putin shake hands today. they're both professional politicians they both understand that there are issues bigger than snowden and there are issues that the united states and russia agree on which are much bigger than snowden and quite frankly bigger than syria and that relationship continues so there's always gamesmanship the between politicians are world leaders and that initial meeting was just one of those little games that are played leaders and again i don't think
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that's lost on the people in america who pay attention to international affairs that russia is part of that international coalition and a very important part i think people in both countries understand that we work together the best we can to fight terrorism and so some of these other things while they are difficulties are really a distraction. now when it comes to the whole issue as we've learned in the recent weeks and months about the full extent of the n.s.a. spying program not just a domestic program but full on worldwide spying on politicians world leaders and everyday joes like yourself a me as well the at the summit here the g twenty members of the bric nations of ultimately labeled the whole global surveillance program as an acceptable brazil even wanted to hear an apology a direct apology from officials in washington d.c. and even the president of mexico believes that
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a some point america will have to pay. just recently you had a talk with president obama and i would say the conversation was quite extensive did you discuss syria at all. not know we talked about information and the recent revelations about the u.s. intelligence services spying one of the country in the mexican government called on the u.s. to conduct a thorough investigation and figure out who's responsible and to what degree for the spying if it really happened so we mostly talked about the actions that his administration would take in order to make this investigation happen and horrify the issues that have surfaced recently that many many different opinions have been voiced in regards to the spying scandal and in order to soften all speculations the mexican government asked for this investigation and if the intelligence services did something that goes against international agreements or something illegal or certain measures have to be taken and must be consequence that. they must.
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now he is coming to you live from the g. twenty summit here in some petersburg the sun has gone down do we have any chance of the white knight still lingering here for the end of the summer of two thousand and thirteen probably not likely it's getting dark and it's getting dark quickly just a moment here on the program day with the hour host of oxys business program venture capital katie pilbeam will be joining us in exactly ten minutes as our live coverage from the g. twenty continues in a sec. thanks for now russia's release a detailed report citing evidence that a chemical attack in syria was carried out by rebel forces not by the regime the assault in question killed dozens of people in the city of aleppo back in march those findings come as the u.s. tries to convince the world that syria's opposition has no access to chemical weapons but if you go pers can offer boards. this is
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a detailed one hundred page long report which provides thorough analysis of the weapons which were used in that attack in aleppo in mid march and first of all it concludes that it was in fact a chemical attack the weapons which were used were custom made and were similar to the ones usually used by. one of the most radical rebel groups with wings to al-qaeda fighting against president assad regime investigators also found traces of hexagon which was used to release the chemicals that is not the way it's done in the military and also found traces of the xyron nerve gas which was produced not industrially but it was all made and found traces of another chemical which was used by western western nations in the times of the second world war so these are the main arguments presented this report which is to suggest that that attack in the level of the camel attack was in fact conducted by syrian rebels this is actually the second time that we're hearing about this board russia already passed
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it over to the secretary general of the united nations back in july but neither then or now we are actually hearing about it international media basically de facto this report is being ignored by world powers and international media unlike the we or it's published just recently on the recent attack near damascus they were presented by the intelligence services of the u.s. britain and the u.k. and all three suggest that that was a chemical attack which was conducted by syrian authorities a lot of media attention is currently being we'd to these reports basically the our international spotlight even though one of the key arguments in all three is that while they are based on interceptions of communications satellite photos and open source reports which are actually youtube videos. and information from other social
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networks the how correct it is is raising lots of questions and another argument shared by all three intelligence services pointing about it was the regime which held that attack is that the rebels the syrian rebels are simply incapable of dealing with chemical weapons something which is not proved it's not confirmed in the report presented by russia. corresponding pushkin author let's discuss the implications of russia's findings with antiwar activists and journalists on the bar joining us on the line live from new york i don't even to you have been talking first of all about these. this latest report from russia about what happened probably in march by the aleppo is going to make any difference to any possible strike now though in syria. the united states congress both houses in the past two days got presentations from kerry and the staff you know the
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secretary the fans and the top generals and such and the the entire history re cited by kerry neglects to mention the allegations and the hugely substantial evidence in this case that the rebels are the ones that are using chemical weapons in syria where they've been used. so i don't know that it's going to change anyone's mind because they're simply ignoring it i also saw on c.n.n. this morning on the crawl that there was some offer by russian government officials to make a presentation to the congress that was rejected by the house speaker john boehner now i am assuming again that there would be some perhaps presentation of actual evidence about the facts on the ground in syria because the facts that have actually been disclosed to the american public and to the congress in public are not facts their arguments accusation and conclusion and that is the basis on which they're going to war illegally by the way outside of the u.n.
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mandate outside of the u.n. charter and not just legally according to international law but according to u.s. law the u.s. constitution makes the u.n. charter which was approved in ratified by the u.s. congress and the president united states in one thousand forty five the supreme law of the land for the united states something that congress cannot supersede so this whole rush to war is illegal according to american and international law and there's not yet really been any presentation of facts to provide a cause for going to war and no nevertheless the music of those you used interesting would just no use that would ignore it you said they were ignoring facts that were available maybe including what's come out now from from from russia about what may or may not have happened in one of the ignoring it do you think. well because they can the u.s. . media refuses to cover anything that contradicts the narrative that's being sold in my opinion the most effective thing that president putin could do would be to
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hand the copy of this report in front of cameras to president obama so that the world has to report the fact that a the this report exists and b. that obama received it from there are hopes with a crack in the edifice will widen and the truth will get through to the american public is there anything you've seen that america's put on hold by those awful events just less than a month ago was so do people died that has convinced you who all who didn't do it. well i've done some television production so and my wife and i are in the middle of producing a horror flick which is of course complete fantasy what if see you know on you tube of course you have no idea who shot what where it's sort of like the blair witch project which or apollo eighteen which are you know fake movie pseudo documentaries you can fake anything you had for the entire libyan war up until the u.s. got deeply involved these radicals there be five or six guys on
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a dark street somewhere shooting right one or two rifles into the air with a couple guys screaming allah akbar and they would then describe for you wanted a news report what that meant that this was proof that they had just conquered tripoli or something and the same kind. you have to really scrutinize these videos look at what they are and then understand the chain of custody we're going to clue shot at when where and what evidence do you have that that's in fact the source and that the thing that's being described is actually what happened there's no evidence for any of this. the u.n. inspectors report the latest one is not going to make any difference at all. well. apparently the decision has been made about the you know what the facts are i mean the you had three and a half hour sessions of the u.s. congress on yesterday and the day before the senate the day before and yesterday the house and another hour and a half session with the senate yesterday and the conclusion is what was presented
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as evidence there was no discussion whatsoever about did the government of syria used chemical weapons or even were chemical weapons used it was stated that the outset in each case that that's in fact what happened that weapons were used that this was an example of the weapons used that there were twelve hundred thirteen hundred casualties i forget the number and that the syrian government did this on the instructions of president assad now there was no discussion whatsoever about how they came to that conclusion and there was no one challenging it whatsoever they instead were discussing what to do as a consequence there also was no discussion of whether or not there was the u.s. had the power to act without the u.n. you know how to deal with the fact that this doesn't fall into article fifty one of the u.n. charter no discussion of that either so you know the rest of it it's like watching a courtroom it's hard to really conclude what they're going to do other than to
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conclude they're going to go to war because that's generally what they don't function in the program tonight as you were activist janice's you live from new york thank you. i think he's been with a small news that will do use of the break including an offensive launched by a record labels against internet pirates.
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do we speak your language of the will or not of the. program says documentaries in spanish what matters to you. was a little tentative angles keep stories. the spanish find out more visit. the face of crackdown in britain piracy rules could see hundreds of thousands of internet users blocked by their providers and even prosecuted for downloading a license movies and music representatives of struggling media companies will be sharing their grievances with the prime minister in danger in a private discussion next week laura smith reports. well basically this is
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a move to make internet service providers essentially police the internet so it's a voluntary thing so far but if the likes of these big sort of instep writers here in the u.k. virgin media bt bass guy be talk talk that kind of people if they sign up is understood what they'll do is create a database of repeat offenders if you like repeat illegal downloads that first sent a letter if that letter was then ignored they would see these sites being blocks they could potentially see the slowing down of their internet connection and i think right up to and including prosecution now jim collect of the open rights group is here to talk to me about this he's our go to guy for all things concerning internet and rights on the internet now these i s p's policing the internet basically though they'd be doing it at the behest of and on behalf of these rich huge industry titans music business film business will they be willing to do that you think is it legal is should they be the ones to do it the kind of things you
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don't mind i think would be very very illegal i think would be extremely dodgy doing those kinds of things you can't just simply start blocking sites restricting some of these internet just because they've. been entered on a database people do have legal rights copyright is a legal right and the b.p.i. could take people to call them that would be reasonable at least then you would know what the evidence was somebody could say well look i'm innocent i didn't do this it was not me and you could see some kind of logical conclusion that you know is transparent i think the internet is suddenly become interesting to everybody the secret services governments big industries they all want to copy the information you want to have operated in their interests rather than the interests of individuals and all this sort of you know lead to sending threats this is where you are you know you consumers and it's not a way to actually make money and collect thanks very much of course there's another important question who will pay to keep in this database analysts say it'll
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probably be you in the shape of increased broadband charges. laura smith in london meanwhile creators of spy were reaping huge profits from government snooping schemes it's a calling the latest invention investigation by wiki leaks which has revealed cozy ties between private i.t. firms and intelligence agencies if you want to find out more about that we've got a really good report lined up for you on the website www dot com. back to our top story out israeli sushi standing by for us in some pittsburgh with the latest from the g. twenty summit. it is a pleasure to have you with us here on the costing line for the g. twenty twenty thirteen annual summit here in some petersburg as you said you can tell it's now heading towards nighttime it's just about a twenty past nine in the evening here in the northern russian capital the venice
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of the north and it's been a beautiful day so far of course day one of the g. twenty summit. the host of venture capital our business program now joins me live here on the set and a great to have you coming to you you were down at the constantine palace yesterday one of the g. twenty what you know will if you take all the business aside and i don't all the pomp and circumstance you must have been just a bit excited being able to do that i think as the sun electric atmosphere up because you know the under the same breath as the twenty most powerful influential people on the planet and you know that every time he goes the coffee machine you might say mr obama you never know i like like a lot of security as well as you know that you're a really important event and of course the top topic is going on we all know boosting the global. speaking today about the fact that we need more sustainable growth he was talking about change in the architecture of the gross structure on the planet just really dealing with that and the thing is everyone agrees on that
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everyone knows that needs to change and also unemployment i think you alluded to the father this two hundred million people on this planet does the jobs and the scary thought is over seventy percent of those in all use and that's a real problem you know in the likes of spain and greece if you want in every to use on employees and there's talk of a lost generation all of those concerns with spoken out about today would be a mugging wall does have a year a tough time at the moment because it had phenomenal were it ever the false maybe decades to take that china and the moment that is slowing down and that's a lot to do with the fundamental problems of having experienced in the developed well now we know that one of the reasons the developing world is suffering at the moment is because mr ben bernanke the fed who was the chairman has hinted that he will be tapering. the pumping of cash into the system a lot of the brits country need is think that it's not ready and that they will suffer and they all ready have supper with the current system take it up the indian
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rupee lost a fifth already now i was speaking to the former finance minister alexei could to ensure he system really interesting things actually did say the problems all to the foundations that stay with us debt is student here is a problem but he also compared the global economy to that of a sick person and said that this stimulus is almost medicine is only steroids let's have a listen as to what he had that. she just got to work on america the world's economy its current state can be characterized as being on life support for its vital functions are being kept running by the federal reserve the european central bank and other banks by constant cash injections this should only be temporary if a sick man goes through treatment and it doesn't help there's no point continuing it there's an ongoing effort now to buy time for reforms and changes but this will end when the world's economies will be left to stand on their own feet which
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countries economies will be able to stand and which ones won't remains to be seen. well it's been an exciting first day of the g. twenty summit so far i think perhaps artie's venture capital host arkady pilbeam has had a bit more fun than i you've been in the beehive over all the excitement how many times have you been to simply just been this is my second time your second time both been in business the first time was an economic forum back in. but i'm trying to see as much of the city as i possibly you know what to do you know what's behind you right now tell me that is the hermitage museum the former winter palace of the czar's now one of the biggest museums in the world you know sco world heritage site the view behind us this evening is only getting prettier because it is from petersburg and we have both because i'm here oh as with a little war here you cache to your fan. keeping them be all not ok my mom whatever the case though he have many many more many more stories to come your way here on
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r.t. as we continue with the g twenty summit here on the program is day one today day two is coming your way very shortly here as well so we do hope you can stay with us live coverage continuing from the twenty third g. twenty in simpy just. as thank you both here in moscow of the break sophie shevardnadze his interview with the russian president spokesman just a little under two minutes from. iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements of airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious.


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